Game biting in dogs and dog license ^^

Hey people to keep together the question of yesterday, whether it would be easily possible dog and cat, we have today actually equal brought a small bundle of energy in the morning xD there ^^ problems not really between the two, the cat was pretty interested and not the least bit intimidated or aggressive to his very active character :) The small is a 9 week old American Staffordshire, he feels now very comfortable here ^^ As he bites pretty much (normal for a puppy, but does hold quite painful ) can one do against maybe something? On another toy does not respond ^^ And then there is a question, as is the small one American Stafford, I have to make him a dog license, but I think that it should be for at least 6 months old or? Must every person serve these tests or applies the bill for each of the keeps him on a leash? Thank you in advance :)

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As the dog is seen and what you have to prove in your Bndesland, you learn at your veterinary office. A dog license is not enough. And anyone who wants to go with him must have proof that it works. Do not let him to play so rough, pushing him away and show him the cold shoulder. AND: Take him to puppy school, absolutely. You have to learn together what is good and what not !!

Hello. Except in the Niedersachsen AmStaff in each state requires a permit. This means that you need a license from the regulatory agency to be able to have him at all. There are requirements that you must meet in order to get permission. It's all in the dog law of your state.

Which state are you from?

See grade that you come from Austria. You as well as local law.

Do not know it unfortunately

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