Game Name of ca. 2006/07

Hi this is my first question in here and I wanted to ask if anyone knows the name of a particular game. The game is I think by 2006 or so. There are 8 regions and you have to choose one. There are different maps where there may be a different number of regions at once. You play the game on a pc (I think in any case you can make it so) you have a region selected (something like the dead, sky, fire and so) and now it is preceded by some example. If you are on move you can walk around and new troops to train (it's fantasy comparatively) more I know unfortunately niht would be cool if you knew how it is. All this information could be partially wrong but roughly it should be so. If I have, etc. misspellings apology because I'm on the phone and mistype me very fast playback. Thank you already! Moreover, it is a 3D game. The troops that can be trained are fantasy massive creatures that suits the region. You also have to find the base of the other regions and destroy or kill the captain. Pls help me!

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That sounds like "Heroes of Might and Magic", but there were already six or seven parts of it.

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