Game of Thrones. Have first book, I can still in between the standard watch?


am currently only the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire.

I can also watch the series without I screw me in the book iwas? : D I'm unfortunately not the read so fast, but all my classmates talk constantly, how cool the series is ... ^^ since I'd already iwie like to have a say, but want my book as I said do not mess up. : D

what do you all mean? ^^ I have in any case already often read that the book is better than the stock. ^^

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I did it. started reading Hab simultaneously and to watch and have however on the first 2 1/2 books very long time. When waiting for the new season but I have others read and it messed me anything. Clear the basic plots you will already know, but there are also a lot of things differently because the serial number of people can get out and play their part to other characters are (see Gendry or the Princess of Dorne in the season 5) and yes, the book is better than the series, but the series is also awesome: D

I do not mind because I like spoilers like when you but no spoilers like you should not watch the series.

Book is in 99.99% of cases almost always better than the movie / series.

I would just as much from the series look like you have already read.

If it is the first German book, the content is the first half of the first season. If English the entire season

Yes, later, the series will be anyway different from the book

The book takes on more depth what goes down in the series. Or was set to not to. Can make quiet both;)

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