Gamer laptop or MacBook

So I'm 13 and can not decide whether to buy a ihmorgen gl or mb (I need the mb NOT for school yet)

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Use this account your siblings, friends, relatives and neighbors? As fast as you can change your age ...

In no case macbook so can not gamble one, less programs, ...

A macbook is good and also convenient to carry. The software is also top of the design here. If you are one with mindestensi7 and 8gb ram taking it comes to the technical data to the gamer pc very close. Disadvantages would be as you aufgund Flash stick storage system of apple only "relatively" little store did. Also you can not all games on the mac os x play there can not open .exe. Therefore to gamble a disadvantage. A gamer pc just has windows and is one probably grafikkarten technically a tick better than the Mac. You'll need a much better windows pc gamer get for the same price as the mac. Personally, I would gamble to take the windows pc

With 13 brauchste neither the one nor the other. In the old normal lappi completely enough

Best wishes for your birthday!

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