Gaming Laptop € 600?

Hello community, I'm looking for a laptop with so I can go to friends not for continuous use. I will therefore höchstwarscheinlich only Counterstrike: gloabal offensive and League of Legends play which in itself is not much power needed but I have I put a lot of emphasis on graphics in games so I want repays on the highest graphics CS: GO and LoL play eventuel games I auhc ncoh a few other games times with the laptop that is I really want the best for the money have if the part is then perverteth bit about this is not even schlim but aufkeinenfall over 700 € so most ~ € 670. VERY IMPORTANT: 17-inch screen

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How about with the Asus F751LDV-T4182H Notebook for € 653.99 at

It has already installed a 17.3 "Full HD display, a dual-core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 1000GB hard disk space, a GeForce 820M (2GB) and Windows 8.1.

I think this laptop actually corresponds to your exact requirements. The 17.3 "screen is a good size, so you can play even without external monitor to it.

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Then I would advise you to MSI ..

Here is a small selection:

http: // cat = & nb BPmax = 670 & v = e HLOC = de & filter = aktualis ...?

At last NB for € 649, still lacks a WIndows (What would cost around 30 € ..)

Your claims ~ Highest graphic services and the price can not be fully connect! Compromises must be taken into consideration ;-)

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