Gap Year? Need help!

I want to make a year abroad in England or USA. But I do not know when the time is right. I'm going to make 2 BK. Now I ask whether I should do a year abroad prefer to BK or if I Study? Is it a waste of time if I make Auslansjahr before graduation? Would be very happy if I get it, an answer! Thanks in advance :)

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Hello time name,

which has both advantages and disadvantages! You can also Biedes, before and go abroad during Stduiums; even to the UK and then in the United States.

The advantage, if you go before Stuidum is sure you will not only much better English, when you start with the study, but auich already some 'experience' have. On the other hand there is much studies in which one semester is eingbaut, so you'd have to even abroad during their studies. If you then but had already had prior experience abroad, you will be the positive count (if it possibly is an Nc-trade, or in the award of Stipdendiums for the semester abroad, etc.)

So, I would advise you might, go away a little shorter, perhaps as au pair or holiday intern in the USA or Australia before studying, and then make a later semester abroad in England or Ireland.

Here, incidentally, is also a lot:

https: //www./frage/gruende-fuer-und-gegen-ein-auslandsjahr foundin = ...?

What do you want to study? From this it would indeed depend safe.

wish much fun and success!


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