Garnishment of the account? DID

Hello, my husband has today received a letter and that the German debt collection service. The letter is about a supposedly open receivable of 548,10 Euro.

writing us happens funny. The formulations / word choice and my husband adopted my surname years ago 1 1/2, the letter runs to the old name and there was no court order or writ of execution or something.

Here is the text:

Garnishment of your account threatens!

Demand xxx totaling zzt. EUR 548,10

Good day Mr. xxx,

We have repeatedly tried in vain to make a payment arrangement with you. Since you have not responded, you force us to tougher measures.

We will contact your banking institution and initiate a garnishment of your account.

Unless you immediately transfer a partial amount of at least EUR 24.70, we will defer this measure.

Call us immediately and let us know what you decide.

Best regards

I do not know what we should make of it or what we should do so now.

My husband has been living more than 5 years no longer in Hamburg and he was probably times in a video store Member but he is not even sure if it was in this from the well the call comes and apart from that is about more than 5 years ago and there were no open debt was indeed never any letter or court orders etc.

Thanks in advance :)

The best answer

Hi, that is the seat of the collection agency in Hamburg, does not mean that the debt has arisen there as well and the amount exceeds certainly anything that might arise in a video store. The DID is also a reputable company that provides no false claims. The best thing is it to write and ask for information about the original Gläubger. The make and you know about it. After that you may discern what to do.

Sounds very untrustworthy. It is not known the origin of the claim, nor what titles would allegedly present. Apart from the offer of averting a seizure by a partial payment of 24,70 euros with a total claim of 548,10 Euro is very bizarre.

If neither reminders nor writ were delivered with you, then they can threaten, as long as they want. To me that sounds very much for fools. You could think to make criminal charges of attempted fraud. I can not imagine that it really comes from the DID me ...

the write put away and await. to seize an account is a decision of the local court requires.

the debt collection must secure a judicial decision to impound before it can be repossessing something. if your man should receive such, you still have options at hand to go.

Although there are things that still after a long time are valid can sentence structure at this one clearly seen that one does not have to take seriously in doubt again submit a lawyer but should be necessary nich mfg

Can a fake .... be watching you can also call for debt collection.

read you here are some things to do so by: (was) -__ f335543.html

I think that clarifies all questions :)

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