Gel for chemotherapy (dog)

Hello everyone, unfortunately, has confirmed yesterday when my 5 year old Maltese dog suspected lymphoma. Today we go to the vet No.4 to just do it again to be sure, what about it.

All veterinarians believe that although the cancer came quickly and rapidly progresses, a good chance of cure has with chemotherapy. These can cost up to 4000 €. My parents are financially not supported me and I'm still in training until the end of July.

My question to you: Do you have any idea how I could get the money for chemotherapy?

Already have looked to crowdfunding sites, but yet I'm not sure.

Thank you in advance.

The best answer

Few pet owners can pay such a sum at once, you should not m ore money for a 4 investigation spend if you already know from the other, which is a great opportunity for healing.

, One can also vets agree on payment for such a great Summer.

Ask the vet if you can pay in installments. In such sums which are usually temporary.

I can tell you, unfortunately only advise to contact you at a veterinary clinic with a request for payment by installments or financing.

you may get in the TK or research on the internet references to help associations that can help out in such cases.

Discuss but please with the vet you trust an installment ...

The treatment will indeed take some time, then maybe you can pay a reasonable sum in monthly installments.

€ 4000 one has also not so in the drawer ...

Incidentally, you can easily but sometimes ask for a loan for that amount.

The lending rates are currently very low, so you can the sum over a period to be determined by you repay to the bank ...

All the best for your dog

Do not get me wrong, but I would spare the animal these torments. I had a cat who was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. All veterinarians involved have advised me to surgery and chemo and I followed this advice. The poor animal was operated on twice and only so crammed with drugs. From a very self-confident and lively cat was an anxious wreck. The result of these tortures was that the cancer became more aggressive and faster growing. In the end they had to be euthanized after all. When I consider what the poor animal had to go through in the last months of his life, join me today for the tears and I am very sorry that I have exposed to. I still blame myself that I listened to the doctors and they did not previously allow redeem. This is a difficult step, but I would never expect such an animal an ordeal!

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