Get a dog, still go to school, walk the dog?

Hey, so I soon get a dog but still go to school (7th grade). So I wonder how I should go for a walk in the morning. Must get up at 6:20, and then the bus. How can there create with NEM 'dog to walk the dog? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, yes as a companion animal and has also so its needs. Just as in the morning have to go to the bathroom, your dog also has an urgent need. We have 2 dogs and I have 2 kids, they go every morning without a murmur with their beloved four-legged walk, 20 min to 30 min. This also has the advantage that my girls are more alert and fit for the school. They stand for 40 minutes more. If that happens now less attractive, then you have certainly right, but with an animal shall be an obligation. Your new friend loves you even if you scold him and he would be if you were away min 5 or 5 hours. He is always waiting for you and snuggles up to you. Walking provides a deep intimate bond and helps you also that he can hear better and to accept yourself as the pack leader. Do not look at it as Auweia - task in the morning but as a task for your friend for your dog. He will thank you with sooooo much love and affection. praise Be consistent and praise praise. Have fun. We love our Racker about everything and my girls are 16 and we have our dog for 4 years. LG

I hope it is not a puppy. Then you have not only the morning to get up at least an hour earlier, but in the first time at night every two hours.

I get up at 4.45 am and go with the dogs good one to one and a half hours. To work depart I must shortly before thirty.


I also get a dog. However, I have a brother who then naturally goes well with him out. You could ask your parents. With me makes my mother. With us, it was so that we would all have a dog. You could ask your parents if they would agree to. However, it is actually your dog for you also take on the responsibility. But I have also only 7:20 to go. Maybe you could also ask neighbors. Is yes mmer some who would like to have a dog, but can not buy. But I would be very reluctant a "foreign" trust my dog. My friend has an extra fenced with special wire garden where it (a very small) their dog in an emergency just something running. He makes a lot of fun. If you have a garden, you could be the yes in the morning (but only in the morning) and do so;)


Then you just have to get up earlier.

Greetings, Dreams97

Just get up earlier. These are the questions to yourself before deciding on a dog. If there is to be a puppy, have to get out of the first every 2 hours - how will you manage that?

How can there create with NEM 'dog to walk the dog?

simple: 2 hours to get up earlier than usual and first feed the dog and go walkies extensively, and in all weathers! Dog ownership requires nunmal a lot of work, makes effort and costs a lot of time!

Either you're willing to forego for a dog on your habits or you you manage to only no!

either you stand min. 40 minutes earlier on and go with the dog out or your mother makes the first round tomorrow -or you'll catch dog from animal love no!

the next round dog should then about 4 hours later be .. (if there is not a puppy)

when it is a puppy, which must, however, every 2-3 hours out -tag and night! - And may noach not be alone ... please ueberlgt thoroughly whether their time for a dog you ..

think of it -that you although older are in education or studying the dog needs you ..

Before that is not controlled, it would not be good to get a dog. It must be ensured that there is always someone there for him, if you have no time. But I must say, if you think that could not be done, you should see bring no animal. An animal needs responsibility, love and time. Now it's the school, afternoon football training, evening the friends, and, and, and!

I have the morning at half six on the job, but we bought us two dogs, ergo we knew what to expect. And not just play smooch, but also not so great things as feed, veterinarian, etc. I get up early enough and make the rounds with the Fellnasen. And if I can not once, my wife is there. So always someone there for two.

To learn about its commitment, before you decide to invest a dog. You'll just have to get up earlier, so that you can still get out with the dog.

not helping your parents? If not, you just have to get up earlier. I'm also very bad out of bed, it needs but for my dogs ;-)

Think about that the dog very well ... A dog means viiieel work (min. 3 hours day), plus it takes quite a bit, you can not just on vacation because you always need someone who takes him in this period ( Hundepansion very expensive) ... from experience I can tell you that a dog not the right pet for a student is ... Believe it the dog to love me ... Gruss

the need to make your parents, who are responsible for the dog anyway, not you - naturally kanst your contribution make when you're done with your school and homework, but everything else is your task eltern-- now tell just not, that your parents are working during the day at ?? THEN DARFST you do not have a dog - because like you so feststellst-- already own a dog must go Gassie namely at least 3-4 times a day 1/2 b is 1 hour so that it ca 2-3 hours a day outdoors was - plus kopftrainig and pet space.

good that you have acquired yet no dog -A dog is like a sibling child who belongs like a family member to and the next 15-18 years.

Of course it costs something: a month with all the trimmings between 100-150 €

so please considered again exactly whether a person is always at home. because a dog can not be longer than 3-4 hours a day to be left alone - if he has learned it!

how about up to 5:30?

If you find this is no time, and no one else, then you hit the dog out of the head.

At 5:20 PM to get up.

rather stand up?

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