get budgerigar again tame?

So I have a welli we have several all except the wild, he has also become wild now I do not know how I can get him again tame, we have a total of 4 wellis but he flies all the time away as I get it tame? Thanks in advance; D

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Remember that not every bird is tame, let alone tame. Everyone has his own personal limits, which also is partly the great character. However, a bird should be in this respect never harass and always give him the opportunity to also evade or to flee. Also, one should accept it if the bird will not.

Tips for Taming can be found here:

More informative pages about budgies:

What do you mean exactly wild for you !? He can not be what you mean by petting or wild? Wild animals are actually living in the wild. You will only create in the you are dealing a lot with him and taking time. Anders will not work.

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