get dog in the bathtub.

Hi, my dog ​​has gewelzt in cow dung all fur is full. How do I get it in the bathtub? You do not want to not even Leckerlie. (We have no garden hose and no shower) How can I now wash refuses to get into the bath? I try already an hour rum. I myself then climbed into the bathtub and they've called while she comes to me but does not rise in the bath ._.

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My Fox Terrier, although I can easily put it in the tub, but that he does not like, and there is usually a mess: D

If he occasionally "perfumed" itself goes to the park to the pond - stick pure dog with Hechtsprung afterwards.

Depending on the degree I need to throw some strong 3-4 times. Drying is then carried out with other hunting animation on the way back.


how hard is because your dog, you can not lift it? fill Otherwise plastic tub with water and all the painstaking attention on the ground do (garage, laundry room, Spühlküche, backyard, etc.) or with a watering can, should be very quick to go from equip, so that the dog is not sick and after that fix pure. Shower is easier to maneuver the Hudn in there. What they mavht because if you go in front, and they take along a Dish?

Your dog seems to be quite large, otherwise the question would certainly not rise.

times lift attempt first forward and then backward and reinstellen. So I have the time with our Shepherd made if they had to be showered times wirklcih and we had no choice.

Give it a whirl with something forbidden as Leckerlie our dog does almost everything for wienerchen hire is your dog also so a spezelles Food)

Working with towels (like a crane), which I have from my even with his 36 kilos :) around the chest, and behind each around one leg and then into the tub.

put a dark towel on the bottom of the tub. Dogs may not realize how deep it is, for you go down there indefinitely, the managers have not 3D perception, because everything is round, white and shapeless. A DUNKES cloth fixes the problem, then the tray for the dog is "visible".

lift purely fix hold but remain gentle .... and adjust the water lukewarm, so maybe ice cold and not hot so the dog is verjacht net

lift is not because it is too heavy and too large *

Thank you I've done: D!

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