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Hi, have already written that with us now € 4,000 missing in the company some time ago. I am responsible for the money counts and did not notice it. The police is now turned on and all of us have questioned all testified that they were not or can not imagine that it was one of us. Only one accuses me (I think). I was told that I have to pay the money even though I have not taken it !!! But I had been for so responsible Is that legal? I live alone in Chemnitz and I now really do not know if I can the numbers

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If you are for the money charge you have to pay. Has itself therefore to do with the police little.

However, would be good to know what industry. And who really access.

I now refer the example to a gas station where the tankwart is responsible for kassavoständigkeit. For the safe myself have just me and the chef access. And of course I am, if the safe wegkommt what responsible unless there burglar tracks finally comes the money just completely in the safe.

It depends. if you were the only one who had access to the money.

Let's assume it is the petty cash which is kept in a cash box and the key to this is (because the boss wants it so) stored in a key box.

If the key box is accessible to everyone but, then one can not make you responsible now if missing money.

Why do not accuse them where you say, "I think you had the opportunity to get the money when you ..."?

Attack is sometimes still the best defense, and then also the police special cares.

You can not just tell someone he should pay the money, obviously we know not how it has been lost. That can certainly be gone until after your examination.

without more info, you can say nothing at you, waiting the investigations held from

but if you were in charge of the money, you stick it, even if you did not take it

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