Getting help with the parents regarding girlfriend

Hey guys, I am now for over 2 months with my girlfriend and my parents let them actually, but they still do not allow us in a room zuschlafen, I've very often gerdet to her about it, but they want us that simply do not allow. Did you maybe a proposed solution or you had already times the same problem? Thanks in advance Mfg Kongogy

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Stay overnight with her or go camping can also be romantic (it is snuggling under the stars)

What your parents about it? That you could sleep together?!? Ask them urgently to their problem with that. I have the problem, not myself, but I find it quite funny. You have to check with your parents. If you talk long enough with them, they can perhaps persuade.

I wish you good luck ...;)


PS: begging correct it! ;)

Also, I would not allow my 14jährigem son to sleep with the girlfriend in a room.

Yes how old since her anyway? With 14 or 15 must not be genuine

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