Ghost shadow?

I do not really believe in ghosts actually ... But at one point in my apartment, I see the pass often a kind of shadow. Looks from the corner of his eye as a person, but not 100%'m sure. Have already repeatedly heard from people who are "persecuted" by the shade, or more often which never see that they always appear in the same place. Could this perhaps be so even more or imagination?
(Of a lamp or something else could be as a shadow not thrown that I've already tried ...)

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So a spirit, it is probably not because you never have to worry about first. Finally, there are no ghosts. Ultimately, it may be that you imagine that all that is usually a small defect circuit of mind. If to compare with in the sense of a mirage in the desert.

Or is it actually your own shadow, you see there, because if it would be completely dark, then you would indeed see no shadow, that is, somewhere must indeed exist a light source.

Perhaps it is not so, perhaps. As I understand you, you want to learn more if there is no "shadow" or. It seems to make you afraid. A truly correct answer probably can not give you. If you do not mind, it should be noted not yet! If you have a fear then please let us know again.

It may also be that there is an object and you run the past you imagining you there is someone. Something I've sometimes but I shift it is on the curtain there. Because when I walk past there, and what I see and again whither watch is nothing there. Imagination I 'd even say :))

That's your own Schatten..könnte you see ghosts, know the science that ..

Because obviously you need an exorcist or a lighting designer.

It's your own shadow.

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