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I need a ghost story but with nothing brutal and I can not even write because can not think of me

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In England there lived a boy. In the same place was a castle that was surrounded by a large fence. "Open this gate NOT" The young did it anyway and went to the castle: At the gate stood. When the young at the castle door arrived it was rotten, and overgrown. At the door stood Blutroter scripture: ,, Open NOT this door "The young did it anyway as he stood she pushed open came a loud squeal from the back." Welcome home "The boy wondered and then went to a spiral staircase down the it led to a small wooden door on the door status:. ,, Keller "He opened the door. It was a Giant space. but at the end was just a simple wooden box. He went to the box, opened it and there were: Many Many Colorful smarties: D

I hope that helped. The Geschichtre I of UFONETV.

Nagut pass well was on it once a lifeguard who saw the pool the spirit of a canal cleanser and ran for his life but what he overlooked that was before him the spirit of was elevator, companion and so the spirits haunted the lifeguard fully and if they have not died then haunt them today

here are the eingejuckelten leading brands that have proven themselves:

- Vampire

-Friedhof With öffenendem grave or graves

- White women = castle ghost

- Bats / Werewolves

- Ghost ship with dead crew

- Waxworks - at night to catch the wax figures to live

- Walled man haunts around at night

- Hanged - rips head from rolling into the water, where it leads a life of its own

- Lamia devouring secretly at night Children

- The spirit of Bloody Mary is on the way

- Clowns make people disappear on fair

- Selbstgebasstelte dolls come to life at night eerily

So, a dozen so, that should be enough for now.

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