Gift for 18th birthday of my friend :)

Hello :)

My friend is early March 18 and I did not really have a plan what to give him .. We are soon nine months together, at Christmas he got his Lieblingspafum, then I have already given him a leather strap with engraved & a cell phone case with pictures .. He plays tennis, makes this year its Abi, will then study medicine, interested for cooking & DJ's :)

I hope you can help me..

The best answer

Hello, but give it to a homemade calendar, as in every month a love poem or a picture of you and him. LG Leonetta

If he is a smoker you could be a Zippo order with an engraved signature .. Just an idea ..

Have a go at times with a tennis racket, a voucher for two persons for a wonderful Game.

Or go together in a spa bath for a day as a recreation.



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