Gift for a work colleague as a thank you

I need again your help!

I've got a colleague who helped me lately so quite a bit.

We worked together in a small company and has set as this business operation and all were on the road, he gave me a job. It all went well and we are back workmates :) A food and several times he has already received from me thank you, but it goes on .....

The new job is about 80 km from our home away and because he has worked in the field and a company car has, he always takes me to work and brings me back home (even if he has a company car, he has certain costs themselves bear and he also could say no, then I would have 160 km total distance itself cope), and now finally .....

Is my iphone flew down and went thereby broken. He has worked for me in the employer and now I get paid for the complete repair.

I think it is high time to time to thank right because a thank you is great and shows of politeness, but that he has heard from me a few times and a small gift for the aid would be appropriate.

What could I give him?!?!

Few Info's about my colleagues: he's pretty witty and has a great sense of humor, laughs a lot and very happy, like I watch football (great Karlsruher SC Fan), also likes to drink beer like any football fan :) is at aged 45 old.

The best answer

vll. you are going with him time to football or invite him to a sports bar on beer, finger food and watching football one :) I would not only give him what, but invite to something with you, because such a person as your colleagues you should you ^^ make the friend sounds like a super types on whom you can count! LG

there are also season tickets for home games .. and if he now does not go to every game .. he makes it then if he has ne card maybe more ..

A season ticket for the stadium.

If one of you or both have a family you could all together to do something. If not, then invite him sometimes in your circle of friends, for example, when a barbecue is present (birthday, anniversary, club party)! You know now determines what hobbies your colleague then get something for it (except football and drink beer!) -. Not need expensive, but shows him that you make you think about what he likes.

Invite him to AE and cook for him ...

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