gift for best freunfin?


I need a gift for my best Freundin.Leider I have no Ideen.Eigentlich I wanted to make a pillow with a picture of us on it, but there's time for that I do not think our friendship mehr.Da not imoment is the best I would like to friendship again white retten.Ich with the help of the gift that this is not possible by a gift but hope it a bit funktoniert.Hätte like a personal gift but I remember nothing ein.habe a Gotoalbum thought but this I already last year her geschenkt.Habt their ideas?

She is 15 years old and is celebrating on Friday her birthday.

The best answer

but something much expenditure: purchase a small and thin büchlein and write in your best moments or what do you like about her or how your arose freunschaft should create and buy this couple süßichkeiten she has like paper scraps the Büch even with photos)

There are some shops in picture frames with many places around pictures pure tun.da could you yes, pictures of and do you her pure and give her. Or give a youtube in times: diy gifts or something similar. Since a lot of good ideas come in out :) hope i ch could help

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