girl does not respond when I her more than 2 said news chic: /

Hello, I have a problem I write very long with a girl (am 14 and it also) we love almost, so if we sometimes do not write then what is funny. My problem we send eiglich almost only spoke objects (ahh yes have already done several times what) but when I spoke to her news over 2 chic sometimes unresponsive :( why? Thank you in advance ever :)

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Hello, the problem of voice messages is the one to answer - time - rest and possibly requires a suitable environment. Why you explicitly by two or more voice messages is not responding can have many reasons - which can effectively only tell you. Possible reasons: - One of the above conditions is not satisfied - Old phone, old WhatsApp version and therefore technical problems - it is annoying if you do not wait but another one and another one and send then ignores you something! I advise you: Ask you - so you can clarify all eventualities! Greeting, SebTM

Maybe her phone's then Überfordert and from smears and unfortunately it can not sprachmemoen back. : /

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