give away dog ​​overnight

Hi, I have my beloved dog for 8 months. He is the most time with me as I take him to work, etc. Meanwhile, it can even stay a few hours alone. If I am a little longer away, I look that he comes with my brother and his girlfriend. He likes both very and was already half a day at a time with you.

Now I want to go out on Friday overnight and would bring the dog in the afternoon to pick up my brother and Saturday morning again.

Make your own already thought if that's okay with my little and he well so clear is when I'm away for more than 24h.

Experience? Would be nice if someone could reassure me.

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You have to try it. It is good that he knows and was often there more often. Whether it is still 1 night happy there, you must try.

My dog ​​could I return without problems. My Althündin (who died unfortunately in Dezeber) I could give to friends and even days. My dog ​​does not. It would go to the trouble, but he was dead unhappy.

But if your dog Having been there and felt comfortable, then the chances are very good that it stays there even 1 night.

I think it's great that you make you such a thought about the welfare of your dog. Unfortunately, many are very selfish and never trouble themselves.

It is okay ! You have aufpaSen he not nachjault you, but it's really okay! You should however make not often! I find it really great how many worries you doing you to your dog! Others do not care! But do not worry, as long as your brother knows what he must do is all right!


they know that yes ;-) and was indeed already a longer time with them, so I would make because not worried. EMistens the owner suffers anyway more than the dog

As long as a responsible adult is watching over him no problem.

Most dogs get away with it just fine. Most likely the owners have a problem with that =) As I, for example.

I could never give up overnight my dog. Hope it will never have to go so far.

But in general should not be a problem.

depends solely on the dog.

Our Lina wärs no problem that Grandma would cry for Peta and Greenpeace, and only the good Lord knows what the Belgians do

But if he knows it already sdo he will bear it

because your dog is surely feel at your brother and he knows it well, it is possibly only a bit more restless night give (he will want to go home - but need not be) - take him blanket be körbchen with or his, the will go well and he we d also suffer not great.

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