Go with cold with a dog for a walk?

Hello, So ... I'm very strongly Takes cold with permanent cough and sneeze duration. Now should I (am 13 and I live with my brother and my mother together) go with the dogs out, although my brother, for example, never goes. If he is sick, he always gets some tea and we so pitied by my mother, just because he is older and therefore the firstborn. I will always insulted and ignored. So now the real question: Do I now really the dogs out, although it is so bad to me? You know, it's winter! And now please do so ne answer as: ,, Yes, the dog must go sometimes "or so! Thanks!

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Hello Killja The dog must get out if you have a cold or not .If none is able, because lead dog for a walk, he can do his little business, then you should be so reasonable Deinenm friend to show this favor. Father's Day and breathe fresh air .Nimm a Eukalyphtus candy in your mouth and go out with him .Muß not be for hours. That you are your pet guilty .There is no bad weather, just not the appropriate clothing for it. Get well ..

first clear the dog needs to get out because it does not matter whether you're sick or not and secondly, get dressed warmly and go freshness is good and talk to your mum about the problem

It would be good for you even !! Exercise and fresh air can not hurt with a cold.

@ Killija

Why are you crying here, elsewhere you DEIN writing dog.

You wanted your Yorkie, so you have also taken responsibility and your dog is relatively not care if you have a cold or not.

That's what happens when you want to have a dog. Before, it means all of you: "I do everything for a dog and I go ALWAYS gassi with him".

You can watch not only search for the comfortable things also are gassi sunsets the most beautiful thing you can do and who loves his dog, which makes it easy for him.

Your dog requires outside and then you have him the opportunity also to give.

If you have no high fever, then wrap a thick scarf and warm clothes and then get out. That can only be good for your cold.

Then your mother would certainly not require that you go around outside with a high fever.

You also has been that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

  1. seems to her to have an internal family matter, because here can help any.
  2. regular walks in the fresh air will do well even in cold and promote healing.

PS: "There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!"

So cold it is outside and fresh air not doing very well with a cold :)

Do I now really the dogs out, although it is so bad to me? You know, it's winter!

Yes, you wanted to have the dog, so he must go well and you have to take care of!

Moreover, in cold fresh air is good!

So I had almost 41 C * fever and total flu and I ran anyway with my and my mother's dog. PS: I'm 13 but I go with my dog ​​because he is my only and my best friend. But I suppose my mother the bitch anyway with, because I help her with it and do her a favor.

freshness does your body good ... pack warm, ski pants, jacket, scarf, cap and gloves, good shoes and warm and then off to the freshness ...

I even almost 41C * fever, and I am with my and the dog my mother Gelaufen PS (volunteer And I am. 13): Because I had also correctly flu

If you are not one to bed, does not harm a walk. As is only one solution, if you have a dog.

So, my mother said, but even that I should stay in bed ... My brother had not been out today. They listened to me also and has forgotten me in the hallway today, WITHOUT key

The dog needs to get out sometimes and fresh air does not hurt so I would go nicely with the dog for a walk! One has to take care of the dog, too

You have to do what your mother says. already're not going to die off.

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