Golden Retriever or Chihuahua in the apartment

Hey, I would be interested which dog could better keep in an apartment. A Golden Retriever or Chihuahua? Thanks in advance

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Hello Templar! Consider a difference. I have a 12 kg dog from the killing Mallorca. Instead of continuing to incite the growing madness, you could also a real "Nothund" provide a home - this animal have you saved it! On the Internet you can find as many ways. My dog ​​- see picture - comes from the killing Mallorca - without food and water in a narrow box. Conveys of, but there are many others. All the best, and see you once the animals on these pages. Of course, the next shelter is also good.

I wish you a beautiful Sunday

My suggestion is, thou art a plan what you can offer the dog, how often do you go and how much space available has - then take the notes, and you go to a shelter and can advise you. Why do you all of a particular breed? For me there were randomly a Rehpinscher and a Chihuahua .. My first was a hybrid - as a puppy from the animal shelter ..

One can both in the apartment with. Only question is what you have to offer a dog otherwise? Are you sporty and ready a Golden Retriever, which is a hunting dog that was bred to retrieve ducks utilize? Or are hardhearted enough to support the agony breeding of Chihuahuas? The apartment is the smallest issue. But just look nevertheless simply times the shelter. Or if already breed dog, then there is still the possibility Golden Retriever googling in need.

which dog could keep better in an apartment.

all depends on how you live. If you live in an upper floor and there is no elevator, the stairs running for a large and heavy dog ​​sickness, accident or old age could be difficult or impossible. Furthermore, one must also be able to be of particular racial and equitable. Not every dog ​​is suitable for everyone.


a Golden Retriever is as well preserved as a Chihuahua in a flat. Finally, the dog should not spend his life in the apartment, but the apartment is to be superficially be sleeping and retreat space.



One can have a good time in the apartment both equal. The goldi perhaps even better, because it has a quieter beings. I also once thought about a chihuahua, but you must also refer to the risks of a chihuahua attitude: 1. Chihuahuas are unfortunately often "spoiled breeds" (if you do not know what that is, please google) 2. Varieties are Due 'false' often should originate behavioral disorders available 3. If the chihuahua by an unscrupulous breeder is thus correspondingly cheaper, immensely high vet bills are to be expected. Sorry for the long text. Think about the animal acquisition please good :)

Both breeds can grow in the apartment ... Where else? Want to lock the dogs out?

If you mean a Flat, and then possibly the 5th floor without elevator, then you have already rather think about how strong you are built: one should have a dog that is possibly can wear sometimes ...

3 - 4kg Chihuahua are then easier to transport than 25 - ??? kg Golden Retriever ...

One can both breeds in the apartment keeping but more importantly, which one also spends much time outside of the home with them.


Our apartment is big enough and yet we have a Chi. We live on the first floor and can carry the little ones at any time.

The Golden Retriever. But the needs space is but a dog. The other thing is as big as my rabbit and thus na just not a dog.

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