Golden retriever puppy 11 weeks still makes in the apartment

I have since 2 weeks a Golden retriever puppy.

We go day and night at least every 2 hours. With the dog out.

Unfortunately, he has just as today 6x peed in the apartment.

What are we doing wrong ?? About every Helpful Answer I would be grateful.

The best answer

The two hours are a "benchmark". Some dogs do not last through so long. After 2 weeks, a dog is not housebroken.

Can you rule out a bladder infection?

You have the puppies are 2 weeks and whine? Housebreaking can take 2-6 months. Depending on what you did wrong!


So, every 2 hours out about. That is not satisfied as accurate, important is to play after each, eat, sleep, and as needed. This can be 2x 1.5 hours or until again after 4 hours. It is important that you as the new holder the signs recognize when the puppy wants to solve. Symptoms and signs include turning in a circle, sniff increasingly, panting. Unsettled about toddle, beeping, whining, whimpering.

Should the tots contact, you take it up and go to an undisturbed area for a quiet release space. Carrying him there. There you stop and wait to do until such time as he dissolve.

Why remain standing?

Often puppies are distracted by other odors and forgot to actually dissolve when it goes for a walk, even though the need precisely :-) was so big most when they have their environment explored, they paint then. If that is done outside, you celebrate a party with your puppy who is so profusely praised, hugged, play a bit with him or give him a treat every now and then as a reward! Mach than what a puppy is fun.

If it happens indoors, not scold your puppy, not a purely nudge into Pipi! No Kommunikation.das is silently removed.

If you findest a puddle it is still outside, even if the dog is outside does not solve.


Because the dog associated with it when I make pee it comes out! And since you've praised so beautiful, and the puppy so that something positive has connected. Will he learn that it is better to break out! only out after the business in the absence of dog path is made.


Most make the way you are tense! Unconsciously, of course, hums to himself, or else there is a "Hmm" or sigh. An annoyed posture has safely. That should your puppy if none perceive that in doing so it combines bad. Cleaned the place good best Essigreiniger, the body should still smell of pee, the chance very large, which is the puppy go to the same place again. ausrubbeln carpets as well and clean. Replace with If or remove the time being!

It is important to scold the puppy on garkeinen event. Because he only learns the business do what is bad and it is negative, in your presence to dissolve. Then he will make it probably secretly!

A tip for the night go, go to sleep just before, again out with the puppy. Take him overnight into the bedroom, close the door and teach him a bowl and place to sleep. Close the door, therefore, the better you realize when the puppy is restless and he was not about tapst in the whole house / home. Imagine also optionally an alarm clock. With every week of life, the puppy can control his bladder longer. Although times 2-3 weeks of rest was, and it is once again what in the apartment. Do not despair, patience and head high.

You just need more patience. I would not expect any puppies that he is learning to be housebroken in 2 weeks.

You've got an 11 week "old" pet baby. That's not housebroken puppy, is normal. Take time distance of the 2 hours have rules. Probably it drags the small out there and he does not know what that is. You must learn to "read" your dog to. What does he do before he Bollard? The sniff most, rotate, are restless. Once you see that his case will move to the carpet, and you think that he must go, baby snap out and when the dog makes out praise praise praise. Puppies often need to sleep after, after his or romp. Please do not scold if he does in the apartment. It this way: you were not paying attention / fast enough. Watch Next time rated. Then it will come.


A baby takes longer than two weeks to learn the housebreaking! Two months are somewhat more realistic.

If the dog is released outside want, praise, all it's worth and confirm with tidbits. SO learns dog when what is right.

If what you find in the apartment, you do it away, additional comments and actions are not necessary. Since complete Ingnoranz is announced.

@ Fantsy4you,

you're too impatient.

I was pleased when my bitch with her life 2 years old "housebroken" was.



This can take a while. Some dogs are there very slowly. In my last time has made purely because he was 9 months. :-)

Did you someone said your dog must be housebroken after two weeks in their new home?

Respectable breeders who keep their dogs so to about 11, 12 weeks and the bitch that start practicing the housebreaking ... - and then there's also a long time no warranty of cleanliness ...

So go further after each feeding, after each nap after every extensive gaming for a short time outside to pee ... Otherwise are 2 1/2 hours a measure ... At night keep the little ones but sometimes 5 or 6 hours out...

A mishap is wiped away without a word ...

then so you've got him with 9 weeks, where he was supposed to still be with the mother? because you can not be surprised.

You have forgotten the newspaper to use. :-)

Not for the dog, but for yourselves, to beat on the head, because if you the dog despite full attention of your page r imme still makes 6 x in the wohung, then you are just too stupid to match carry it out ,

a puppy turns before he does in circle is looking eckchen- so please the solllte surely be possible for an adult human to pay it.

how you behave as if it has reingemacht ??

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