golf 4 during braking weakens men light

Hello, It's about my VW Golf 4 For some time now I have the problem that at me the light schwächt.Der reason is unclear to me have changed in the hope a week before my alternator, it was because the battery is also applicable everything OK. The problems mainly occur only during braking and when I want to make the electric discs up and down then the light weakens minimal.Ich not know how to go

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Hello theunknownguy after you already have installed a new yes Lima, I suppose that the performance and Regulierspanung is OK .If older vehicles should check all mass and pluses on Veh on voltage drop occasionally. You mean the battery is OK Did you perform a load test and the charge of Lima was controlled? .Sicherungsplatte The onboard electronics without oxidation? Visible voltage differences occur only if any one of these mentioned criteria appears. NG.

normally has a regulator Lichtmaschiene always let the current keeps volt to 12 if not working properly may be that the current is low simply test times

Heavy Messe error. Presumably, in the battery in the vicinity.

Because the power consumption!

Battery could be shouldered.

When braking the car more power consumed by the brake booster when the bekomnt not delivered everything runs with less power.

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