GOLF 4 problems with temperature and oil

Hi, have a Golf 4 Year 2000. A year ago, he got a new thermostat because it was too hot. Now very well, since he was not properly warm. Short explanation, driving 25 km, the first 5 km stop and go through the city. Here he comes to almost 90 degrees. Then, on the main road for about 15 km. Until the exit it is then cold, in the white area. Subsequently 5 Km highway, since it lies between 45 and 60 degrees. There is again the radiator? Now the oil. Previously had a commute of three kilometers dede semi always yellow schmierkram the oil cap. But now gets the cart track, yet it is still there. Now I was told that is the cylinder head gasket in order because the levels of liquids are all tutti and the car does not smokes. So it should be because the motor is driven not warm. Then mount the two things together? Oh last oil change prior to 2000 km away. Thanks LG jenny

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first love, thanks for the reply. wasserpumpe topic. Was a few months ago atu in and he told me that my water pump is defective. He has solved the tubing and said that the water would flow faster. Have the informative but not taken seriously because he told me that a car can have NEVER 90 degrees, as it would almost cook yes. I told him that I indeed but a woman'm not this my first car and drove back as he repairs for 1000 - wanted to do. How fast the water has to flow out because this hose? It was like a half wacky faucet.

Yes, these two things are related. the oil itself is condensation. This results in water together with the engine oil, an emulsion. This is the yellow Schmierkram as you call him lovingly ;-) If your engine is not warm enough, then the condensed water does not evaporate and just gives exactly this emulsion which settles on the cover. In addition to the thermostat (again) should here but also the water pump are checked. A car workshop also has the possibility to check your cylinder head gasket, by seeing if CO2 is in the cooling water.

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