Good Bilderbearbeitungsprogamme for the computer / phone?

Hi, knows her good photo editing programs for the computer or for mobile phones? There should be legal and free of course! now :) Thanks already!

The best answer

Free Download programs for PC photo editing:

  • Gimp (The best freeware Photoshop counterpart
  • Artweaver Free (menu similar to Photoshop)
  • Paint.Net
  • JPG Illuminator

(Produce crop specialist for images, rapid correction of sub u. About exposure, white balance, control of shading, alignment, coloring, S / W and a batch processing, frames, texts and manual-PDF-DE), highly recommended for fast Corrections.

  • XnRetro (as App iOS, Android)

or ...

Editing photos on the Internet, effects and collages create - quick, easy and kostenlos.Hier is a small selection of online photo editing programs that allow photos with effects, text, frames and clipart etc., can be provided.. They are also well suited to create profile pictures.

  • (eg., collagen)
  • sumopaint.com_app
  • pixlr.com_editor (many effects)
  • lunapic.com_editor
  • rollip.com_start
  • photogramio.com_ / de

I think that there will be something for you too. LG and a lot of fun

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