Good dog food for Shih Tzus

Can anyone recommend a good dog food for Shih Tzus me? I've read that dog food are often stretched with cheap fillers and should probably not be as healthy for dogs. What should I do to give my dog ​​a good feed? Thank you in advance:)

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What should I do to give my dog ​​a good feed?>

Primarily that it is not a dry food (not even a grain-free)! Kibble is indeed declared dog food, but it has nothing to do with appropriate nutrition. - On the contrary: It was man to man developed (keyword convenience), but above all: disease-inducing.

Justification: It is both harmful to the teeth (the starch residues lie down as a viscous, sticky coating on the teeth, which calculus favors) and the kidneys (dry food absorbs water and therefore lowers the liquid level), that is, a dog must ever 4 to 8 times the amount of water extracted fodder take to size in order to keep it, which is not an animal possible. Mach himself to test and dripping water over the dried fodder; you'll see how quickly it absorbs it, and nothing happens in the body of the dog! Thereby the stomach lining loses some of its protective layer and makes him more susceptible to gastrointestinal irritation and inflammation, which can turn into ulcers. Since the feed volume doubled absorbent conditionally, even painful bloating can follow. What added complication: He Starts first drink, has the dehydration (loss) already used - often with serious consequences if he distributed over the years only receives it, such as diabetes, kidney failure and premature death Male animals because of their. long urethra more prone to urinary stones etc .. Furthermore, dry feed is often the cause of obesity, cystitis (as less urination), itching (as dry skin), constipation and acidity (which the cancer risk increases), and depending on the storage time and location mycotoxins can form (mold toxins), which are not always apparent to us humans. The risk of feed mites in addition -kot (allergens) increases with incorrect storage as well - sometimes even raw materials are already contaminated with it!

Although any layman can come by itself it by a little questioning of the facts, or have you ever seen a dog on the Ähren- or potato field? And if so, then possibly to hunt prey. Even to the symptoms of insufficient kidney show until ¾ of the fabric are ruined. Eventually, they are no longer able to compensate for even slight Dehydrationen (z. B. by vomiting), which is why the disease characteristics also can occur very suddenly. to designate a kibble dog as healthy, can thus be faster to misjudgment than you think ...! Fact: By such unhealthy food he suffers a permanent fluid deficit, which is in the truest sense of the word to the kidneys.

. Judging by the fact that the dog is a carnivore, the best choice would either Barfen or wet food administration with high meat content without cereals and sugar, and with 2% Ash Recommended varieties would include the following:

  • N * TUR plus
  • W * lfsblut
  • Pl * tinum
  • T * rra Canis
  • d * gz fine food and
  • R * nti (all available in pet shops)

... Where I would give fodder with more than 2% Ash not only ==> may reduce renal performance and promote bladder stones!

I hope that's enough extent of information.

if you wish to switch to barf, then you can tentatively fertigbarf cool counter to try out the before you have become familiar with this diet as the Fressnapf times. it is just not already done simply with meat and vegetable mix together. certainly not the adolescent dog, as you can genu so much doing wrong as a false dry food.

here is much "truth" written on forage, everyone thinks its feeding view is the only correct one. I know convinced BarFer, people are cheap fodder of Aldi, Lidl and so on feed, I feed myself with my dog ​​cereal Wi wolf blood, but all dogs are fit and well. cancer is probably in dogs is a very common cause of death, but until now could still produce no direct connection with the feed. Many dogs are well weakened genetically in their constitution of the over breeding. often die large dogs earlier than small dogs. the Bernese Mountain dog for example is on average only 8 years old.

Here is written about cereal allergy, as if everyone would suffer dog on cereal allergy short or long. that there is indeed, but need not be. There are also dogs which certain kinds of meat can not tolerate what barferfraktion here do not like to hear. the dog is indeed still compared with the wild wolf, which does not fit 100% in my opinion.

I had a dog who smelled beastly, no matter what I fed him. First I thought of cereal and fed for a while grain free. not helped. then told me an old woman, with them on the farm they had previously fed the dogs vegetarian, so usually only with table waste and the dogs have become old as the hills ... I then cooked for my dog ​​vegetarian and lo and behold, he no longer stank , But on the contrary. with the time I have a feed developed what would have meant a good dog food safely, I also l-carnitine, hemp protein added to make sure that he does not have any defects.

you see, there are many possibilities a dog to feed and maybe not fit any fodder to each dog. In your place I would feed only change when the dog occasion to are, or who can you feed not agree with your conscience.

The best thing for whatever dog and remains the appropriate nutrition.

That is raw food:

  • at least 70% meat (+ offal, bones, tripe, fat) from 3 diff. animals
  • 30% pureed vegetables and possibly fruit
  • High quality oils (salmon oil to Omega 3 balance; linseed oil; pumpkin seed oil; evening primrose oil)
  • No cereal!
  • No sugar!
  • little to no carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta, etc)

Something needs the dog to a healthy old age are able to. not minced best, but so also the teeth have to do something in pieces. It is also important that in the flesh between 15 and 25% fat are included because of the dog from the Energiebezieht. If the dog has to pull the energy from Proteien or carbohydrates (which is almost all finished chucks because there too little fat in it), then goes to the kidneys.

Cooking brings a dog anything because you abtötest all vitamins by the heat. So you have even a worse diet than in the finished feed. There, the vitamin content is added artificially back namely least.

We feed Suki 2 years like that. Have from the shelter (ehem. Straßnehund) and they had damn bad fur and has gehaart without end. Even if one has fed wolf blood that has not stopped and liked it does not have it. After we switched to Barf, has all improved considerably. She is also fitter, more alert. Also gebarfte dogs require less -Wormed because their organism is already Worm retardant. Of course, does not protect against everything, but before much. The immune system is stronger, it does not smell strongly of dog, but only discreetly and no longer has bad breath. The coat has become extremely soft and the clusters are much Kleiner.

I can you just put your heart.

If you still want to feed finished feed, then make sure that at least 60% meat in it and also no grain, no sugar and low in carbohydrates.

Barf is the best thing you can do. Not now and then .... always. It iost muittlerweile detectable dfurch statistics that the dogs troz better medical care are less old. Namely, since the introduction Trocklen and pre waste.

Good food has about 50-70% meat, no grains, no sugar. With it you can pedigree, Frolic, Royalcanin, happydog, SELECT GOLD, Josera, Bosch and other meistwe kloppen in commanding tonne.

Troxckenfutter results einemn faulty wasserhausjhalt the dog and can auzslösen problems in alternation and Magemndarmpüroblem and tooth. A Value Trofu would Wolfsblut or Orijen.

Something Better wet food. Here would be a good and Landfleisch bezashlbare election. But real nature is not bad.

Our Lienchen was poisoned and got 5 years specialized fodder, she slept 20-22sdtunden / day, unused medicine, wear incontinent ... Now she is gebarft for 1 year (because of the toxic effects Kompklexen we calculate the from professionals). Result: sleeping only normal, fitter more alert, has ideas, needs only 1/3 of the medication, no longer incontinent ... better is almost impossible.

For Lina we have the nem professional (learned among others Swaanie Siemon) can calculate. But there are certainly others who can do that. Read Otherwise books - there is a lot (always completely read in some comes at the end of even elementary important).

Totaly it comes down to what we say about eionen month everything in it is what Wuffi needs - the individual Mahluzeit is there rather subordinate

Change you can immediately do, only bones adjust only very little and watching the feces, dog must be because only it.

Our Tibioma (warped Nörgelfresserkönigin) has now formed Duch to feed finished garbage ne allergy - With Barf it would be spared an d she had 12 years not already 6 teeth less.

Barf saves a lot of money in Endefekt. It does not cost more than a decent finish lining and has less cost for the TA (gwerade aged dog)

Hi Looanaa,

great that you've decided this, sometimes questioning the your traditional feed industry.

With the fillers You're already on the right track :) But this also includes an opaque declaration of composition.

I have dealt me ​​last year even with the subject healthy dog ​​food and have come to the conclusion for me.

The Barfen (if done properly) is best. But since I almost Vegan live and I would not like to have to do with raw meat, did not the question for me.

As an alternative I came across MaxidogVit beef from Reico. Since put a lot of meat in it and will use natural resources.

Can indeed times watch itself. Googling Your MaxidogVit beef :)

That it has a high proportion of meat and cereals. WHEN you do not "Barfen" want (feeding of raw meat and vegetables)

can I recommend you Platinum.

I feed the adult chicken, which he likes best. There is a very high-quality forage.

You can call there (0800), order a sample package.

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