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knows her good dog names? Female and male I've a young (paco) likely haha ​​:)) So for hunderasse Stefford so it gets written hoffetlich :)

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Hello, google it out Icelandic horses names. Yes, they are indeed for horses but that is with most really care :) The name also usually a beautiful meaning perhaps also applies to the fur of your dog. Just looking: Icelandic horse names mares / stallions google, the first it would have to be :)

Good luck!

I find Sprinter (as a male name) and Karlie (for females) beautiful.

Please learn it first time the name of the race, of which you have or want a dog. Or why else would you need a name. "Steffords" are nothing for children who may use the fact neither buy nor hold nor gassi lead. And dog boy called dogs.

Google times dogs name, because there are sides with long lists.

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