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Hello :) So I have a Jack Russell Mix and she's pretty psyched intelligence games do not help I've tried :(. Also now in winter I need like a toy that I also use in it would kann.Gut with which they play something alone can (but which also I can play with it) .We do have 2 dogs (their mother and her) but the 2nd is totally quiet and plays with her NIE>. <. Good would be something auspowerndes with which they play alone cAN, you can not swallow and not too expensive thanks in advance :) also thanks of maja (my untwisted small dog)

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A raw beef Beinscheibe - my dog ​​is busy for more than an hour. Otherwise, I like playing with an "Angel" with her (floor with a toy on a string) and of course with the ball.

So I think the dog toys should always be given with caution. In any sensible toy for dogs is "Please enter under the supervision". This also has a reason. There are dogs that tear rubber balls or stuffed animals where they could swallow the stuffing, just chuck balls where they can become wedged. You can swallow plastic or rubber particles, which can lead to a deadly intestinal obstruction as a Kong should never stand alone dog available: see link

You yourself your dog is turned up, why? If he does not come to rest? Has he learned alone? Has he learned rational being alone? What makes you think that's him boring? How old is your fur nose?

Jack russel is but a very intelligent breed, well you have a mix but why no intelligence toys? he does not get it or is too impatient to work and to move openings, so that he comes ana treat! Intelligence toy jst a great alternative and nose must be used. Honestly, I find the best utilization of a dog nose work is whether indoors or outdoors.

You do not need to spend additional money. You can treats in old socks hide or in a towel do that and it folds. hiding in every possible chink in the apartment. This is a great job for a dog who works with the nose. may play Common not be an issue. Zerrspielchen or retrieving exercises, also strengthen the bond and it overloaded a dog from as well. Otherwise, you can practice basic obedience or learn new tricks.

So we as a ball (very hard material, can not be so easily destroyed) and in the can man treats (or simply dried fodder) do. And the dog must then rumrollen on the ground, so what comes out of the ball. Since they are employed only times ne now

Look - here: - are a few good tips on how dog toys even quite low can produce itself .... and the dog has his fun with it ,


So the best toy for a dog is still his master / mistress!

Otherwise, probably every dog ​​has their own preferences when it comes to toys.

I had a dog that has chewed all day and night on a rubber ball around. The other has drawn only on the rope and the next, could only begin with something that rolled through the apartment, so a ball with twist!

Why is she bored? How extensively are because the walks & events with her and makes her even nose job?

  • Dummytraining, looking with and apportierne?
  • Track work or the like?

Otherwise, you can try one sniffing carpet ( or a Zergel. Preydummies with which you can train the polling and the hunting instinct are satisfied also great, but that should not be left unattended dog available.

A good dog toy for a bored dog is a dog owner who deals with the dog ... ^^

Can recommend a Kong you. The is filled with fodder and the dog has to lick it out with the tongue. Initially one makes the more simple then you can increase it, eg with cheese in the microwave solid make (important: let cool !!!) My I can therefore employ half an hour and then it is always flat because it's really exhausting. ;)

Good Morning,

the Border Collie my cousin has a plastic faucet squeals of and behind the toys absolutely fun - but can be annoying.

best regards


So we have a - I know what you're talking. Go after rushing him out on the dirt roads, take a Hetzangel with and let him or take a hand ball in the air is not so much so that he can chase and catch him. With a stick or other balls or toys that's of course, if you throw them or shoots. But that can only happen if your dog listens to you and not abhaut when he smells the first rabbit or looks. Otherwise, take it with inline skating / cycling, then he can run 1 hour, too, would do him good.

LG Bage

Get a laundry basket, zerknüll quite a lot of paper and throw empty toilet paper rolls in and throw treats pure, then your dog may seek. My love and nose work makes dogs extremely tired.

You can also just feed in the room to hide. The good at nose playing the dog must concentrate.

You can go out in winter: X If the dog is in motion, he does not get cold. Especially in winter I go many great rounds with my dogs, because in summer it is too hot to.

You can build also an indoor agility obstacle course, broomsticks as Hürten etc.

My dog ​​loves to look for me. then tell from the corner and he whizzes out into the corridor and wait until I call him. Then he would be a biscuit when he found me.

I can also recommend the dog to make long walks ...

must impoverish not be true - it's just another invitation to the rest rev again ...

Hello and good morning, try it out with this ball by the firm Kong. Indestructible and fun. My dog ​​goes totally off the thing. < Http: // ... > Nice weekend and greeting ............. :)

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