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The Australia Shepherd bitch 'Sucy' from our neighbors is now 2 years 2 months u. 1 day ago. It is actually quite good, but she jumps so much: - / ..... Can you still unlearn it? If yes how? ?? reply as soon as possible please! Thanks in advance ...... LG ♡

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This breed was bred to drive sheep, then, is a working dog. I suspect that your Little is underemployed. The Aussie`s work very much and learn very quickly. I could recommend you Agility. In this sport can and he must quickly move a lot, also has a lot to learn, and the teamwork between you and your dog is encouraged .. I also had such a whirlwind that drove me almost to madness. After I regularly with him in agility training, he was much quieter at home ....

that you can still him beibrngen determined, but it may take a while. my dog ​​has an almost !! year pulled through, I was almost in despair at. have splashed him with water, the knee-trick attempts, turned away me .. oh what we have tried everything. then I have every aml when I came home and he wanted to start me thrown away a toy and let it fetch him and when he arrived back at me he had to go into space and I can pet him so extensively on the ground. that was then for a time our berüssungsritual, with the time I left then the fetch away and said the coming only space and also worked. now he goes by itself when I come in to the space. I have also become accustomed to him, whenever visiting is waiting for his place until I give him free, and he now creates problems.

Our has so learned that you were, "wraps around" him when he jumps, knee forward (of course, not so that it hurts but as a friendly boxer to countries poor.) And when he is down, praise and hug. Meanwhile, he sits down, instead of jumping. And came ausm animal shelter, where he lived 3 years ... One can each dog to teach what it must be rewarding for him

You have to stop jumping by a positive result if he does not in the memory of the dog it alter (treats). But in general it does not bring anything more because if the dog does not learn from puppyhood, he does not learn it today fortiori

Bind their lead at the feet have also been created with my son.

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