Good hookah tobacco brand?


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Starbuzz, Fantasia, Social Smoke

Social smoke, Adalya, ...

Ultimate / start now

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  • Recommendations for good hookah tobacco flavor + 2013-09-23

    Hi, I need new hookah tobacco, but will not always so bad. Which brand would you recommend me and would be nice if I also could call a good taste and describe how it smells about. Freestyle is my opinion very well but unfortunately you can see what t

  • Who knows good hookah tobacco? 2012-11-28

    Sers the hookah smoking among you. Seeking a good tobacco best Arabic. Thank you in advance! --answer-- Good evening Nakhla, Fakher and Adalya

  • Good hookah tobaccos? 2012-03-02

    Hi can you tell me what tobacco Al Waha and Adalya taste particularly good? --answer-- From Al Waha I like Bluemit, lemon mint, grape and mint California Dream. From Adalya are the new varieties very good (Love 66, Ice Lime on the rocks and Lemon Pie

  • Al Ajamy gold good hookah tobacco? 2013-04-09

    is al Ajamy gold a good roll of tobacco and how much glycerin I must add to 200g to make it even better? I am 18 and can therefore legally smoke tobacco. :) --answer-- None at the is moist enough and is very very very good

  • Where herbekommen good hookah tobacco? 2013-11-08

    Hello, Come from the Saarland. Could theoretically to Luxembourg, France and possibly go even to Holland. But rather less. I know that in Switzerland good tobacco (Fantasia) gets, but to drive the is too far and too expensive to order. In Germany's t

  • What is the best hookah tobacco brand? 2012-08-28

    --answer-- For now: The best flavors there in Ultimate, the best tobacco in Freestyle, the best price / performance ratio in Elegans Fumari

  • Good, fruity hookah tobacco? 2014-01-08

    Do you know a good Shishatabk (with brand please)? A fruity would be well :) Thank you! --answer-- Adalya Grenn Lemon Mint Mango (regardless of manufacturer) does not matter, as always, delicious. Glycerin and cook the perfect smokes;) Starbuzz pink

  • Of which brand is the best hookah tobacco (taste, and smoke) I just can order online? 2012-05-08

    Question is above price does not matter mainly the taste is good, the tobacco should be moist and create a good smoke. It should also be possible to order it online .... German or Alien tobacco does not matter. What are your experiences ... --answer-

  • Hookah tobacco, which is the best? 2014-07-11

    Hi Com, I need your help. Namely: What hookah tobacco is the best? From whatever brand you can recommend me to and what kind? He must be very moist. mfg KWex67 --answer-- So if you want to truly extremely moist tobacco then I can recommend Al Waha to



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