good PC? or improvements?

? Is this compilation good :) and all compatible https: // ...

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This all works together :) Perfect. Personally, I would resort to the 250GB SSD, because you then have fewer problems with insufficient memory.

regards MrYellow

Very nice;) The first creates everything on Ultra

Looks good from :), I'd rather the Seagate ne WD take. Best WD Green or Black

2x4GB RAM are very little. If you before you upgrade later and now want to save, take now a 1x8GB bolt and buy yourself later NEN Second. You lose some of its speed at the beginning but are long-term effective. Or grab equal to 2x8 if you want to buy what sustainable.

Take prefer more RAM. Otherwise very good, but Intel xeon 3.4 is stupid.

Have for 600 € a 8gb RAM with 3.6GHz computer (2008)

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