Good political satire, cabaret

Hey, I'm looking for cabaret or satire programs that deal with political issues. German or English this is me relatively unimportant, but it should already have come new episodes regularly.

I know already: Today Show, The Ward (My favorite) and Extra 3

I am thankful for every help :)


The best answer

Mitternachtsspitzen, Jupp pubs theaters, intensive care (though not all comparable to the level of "The Institute"). Have fun! :-)

Hello DieKuchenfrau! :-)

Do not know if you know her ?! Hagen Rether, the man at the piano ... and Volker Pisper, both good but have to my knowledge no special mission. However, this does not detract from the quality ;-) You can watch on Youtube both :-)

A merry weekend wishes you


Tomorrow Today

Satire summit


Kabarett aus Franken

Grünwald Freitagscomedy

Slaughterhouse (successor of Otti's slaughterhouse)

Stratmann - Jupps Bars Theater im Pott

Cross (magazine with satirical elements)

Alfons and guests

Late Shift - The Comedy Stage

Video: Georg Schramm in Erwin Furry 17/09/2013

Cross. On BR and 3Sat. Refers only on such Bavaria, which meant but could happen in any state.

I suggest you read ALL of Volker Pispers, particularly: :-D

Volker Pispers is good.

Four are the people I find funny :)

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