Good prepaid cards wanted!


For over a year I have on my iPhone an O2 prepaid card. I like all these contracts do not, so I've just bought a card where I volunteer every month can recharge the card and then get 200MB Datenflat and 100 free text messages, for min. € 15

I wanted to know whether it because better deals for this prepaid cards exist. For 15 € only 200MB internet which is pretty little. Do you know a better hand?

Thank you :)

The best answer

Otelo 300 there for 8,99 € and has 300 free units and 300 MB Internet Flat. Incidentally, it is in better web as Aldi (e plus) namely Vodafone

greeting ich97able

Buy yourself Aldi, which is inexpensive and practical. Since you get 150 Mb Datenflat for 3 Euro 95, also you can just buy your Aldi market a receipt where a code it is, which you must then enter only using the aldi app in your mobile.

There is also the Simyo Free Flat with 100MB completely free (with advertising funding). If you reach 100MB would be possibly an option :)

Power Club 100 mb per month are free and if you free 100 minutes calls and 100 SMS and 500 mb ca € 7

Congstar 500Mb 10 - minute per month 9ct

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