Good quotes or sayings wanted!

About love and broken heart, etc.

The best answer

- One broken man recognizes always remember that you look there's also where their psyche: on the ground

-daran how sad I'll see you how happy you me could have done

-If a girl is silent, then you go a thousand things by the head

-damals we discussed who loves whom more; you see I was right

- Thanks to "Forever" was not him but then, right?

- Lied, cheated, raised a fighter

- The secret of a strong woman? After she cried, dries her tears, freshened her makeup on, put a smile on, go out and keep fighting.

- The wounds you've inflicted my heart, pain ncht more. Because they were not scars and scar pain. Just remember.

- Can not you act together if you auseinanderreisst something from the inside

part of your hoe beautiful greetings unf tell her they want the leash to hold on tight because dogs turn her round and then come back to the owner.

-If On Earth prevailed love, all laws would be unnecessary. Aristotle

-The Character of a woman is reflected not where love begins, but where it ends. Rosa Luxembourg

-What You love, let go. If it comes back, it's yours - forever. Konfuzuis

-The Experience teaches us that love does not consist in the fact that you look today, but in looking together in the same direction. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

-The Friend is one who knows everything about you, and loves you anyway. Elbert Hubert.

-Sage A people as often as you possibly can that you love him, because the day will come when it is too late.

-It Is enough a word to make a man cry, but it takes 1000 words, to dry the tears again!

often -On the great love follows great suffering.

-Trauer Is like a river in which one can not flow against the current.

-Without Tears would the soul no rainbow.

-Abschied Is always a little death.

"Only someone who loves himself, also capable of other people is to love" Ps: This form of "self-love" has nothing to do with narcissism or egotism, it shows us only one's self-esteem and confidence;)

Seats firmly in your spell but I want to get there, because love is a castle with no exit.

I'm sitting here thinking about you and ask myself: Why do not you kiss me?

Love is a strange game

Let the end he makes himself still funny

Love funny live serene, like a monkey on a lightning rod.

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