Good Sayings Instagram for a picture with me (male) and a dog

Question is above. So I play there with my dog ​​and yes: D Vlt what with everlasting love or so. D or freubdschaft always holds PS I haber girlfriend: D not the dog is so then the greatest love: D

The best answer

- Ethics is without limit extended responsibility to everything that lives.

- No matter how little money and possessions you have to have a dog makes you rich.

- One centimeter dog I prefer than a kilometer pedigree.

- In the eyes of my dog ​​is my happiness, all my heart, Sick, Sore cures in his eyes.

- Joy of life can best learn from the dog.

- Animals a soul and feelings can only ask who has neither.

Fact: Dogs can face on its Herrchens read his / her emotions.

So maybe: Dogs that bark do not bite. Stop is now nothing in terms of loving to nem dog

The dog is just man's best friend and will remain so.

combines Even without words forever

A dog does not matter who you are, what you look like, how much money you have .... he has brought you so much as you are simply

Want to get a true friend, buy yourself a dog.

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