Good strategies for World of Tanks?

Hey, I wanted to ask whether their advice and good strategies for the online game World of Tanks you.

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The question is too general. Depending on the type of tank you have to play differently. Even within one type, for example, medium tanks, there are differences - even within a nation.

There but a few basic instructions:

- Survive the first two minutes, then what are (so do not blindly go into the opponent, but to study the mini map, the terrain / cover use)

- Know the strengths and weaknesses of your tank, for example, weak trough or good tower, and your opponents tanks

Ciao Loki


First of all: I'm not a strong player, according to Win 8. My suggestion:

Look once on Youtube under WOT. Where you can get hints and suggestions. The but you should not try to implement 1 to1, YOU HAVE YOUR OWN GAME TYPE. As a suggestion for better and be always good geeignet.Das map reading is important in the Startfase. There are also sites outside of the game where you can get to know the cards alone. From bitter experience, in doubt follow the caravan and not trying to hold an edge alone.


Game Type "zudürfen please die"

Hi should you be one of the lowest graded armor I would advise you to always reside at the other and never drive around alone. Worry worry as lighter armor rather umdie basis conquest and as heavy armor you make for the destruction of the opponent. When medium you can decide really.

Deutsche_Panzer_Bataillon looking for active players min. 16 years old are and like to train, team, bulwark or CW battles have !!!

1 sniping (get yourself a point where you have the entire map at a glance while protected're 2 you take a scout are driving on remote for drive and then clean up from behind 3 with heavy tanks to the front walk

Shooting in drive cover, shooting-in coverage and NEVER alone!

Arty ride;)

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