Gopro3 weather balloon ride

Hi folks so we start on Wednesday our weather balloon and we have a gopro 3 what we need for a memory card so that it is sufficient for the whole time?

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mainly you need times a battery that is sufficient as long as ...

I have ne Raftingtour filmed in HD - with 720 dpi for 2 hours. I have about 16 GB of filled my 64GB card - unfortunately after the battery was empty ...

Two hours takes indeed as a professional balloon ascent. - As above, it is cold -40 to - 50 degrees. Then you should pack up the battery well (isolate).

Well then, if you wanted to make sure I would take 64-128 GB da, da GoPro videos are quite large when uncompressed. Cool idea!

We use a 64 GB card for our flights. That's enough perfect for a complete flight, also in ProTUNE. However, the battery life is indeed a problem, especially as the extreme cold reduces the normal runtime dramatically. We have created a video tutorial where we explain how you can tinker a private Battery Pack. Drop by Part # 2:

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