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So I get a tongue piercing paid. Now, many young women were abducted in unsersd region and my husband jokingly asked if there was Piercings with GPS transmitter so he could see me in an emergency. I myself but not even find this so ne bad idea. Hab at google found nothing. someone knows of you if and wos at?

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Such a thing is not - a GPS system can not collapse so strong that it fits in a tongue connector you. Furthermore, GPS needs a tremendous amount of battery power - do you want to remove the battery as well as in the mouth?

Look you times electronic shackles on - which is currently feasible size - or Just program the Smartphone using an appropriate Ortungsapp - that works at least.

I think it would be easier if you can locate your phone from him. but abroad etc. the idea is not even stupid. only that you provide a piercing hole needed to

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