Grand Theft Auto V launcher funktionier no longer

Good morning, I wanted to enjoy a game of GTA V me today. After it was published, I have, of course, as everyone has been looking forward to. Now heißts after I will start the Launcher, that it no longer works. Any problem prevented the execution. After I closed the window came the Steam News. There you have directly pointed out that there were major problems.

My question, someone has a solution for this problem? What can you do there? New download but really comes here only if absolutely necessary in question since the last 5 days with me.

Thank you try to help you in advance with all the!

The best answer

You have in the device manager to disable one of your graphics card (normally you have a intigrated Graka and a dedicated graphics card). Thereafter, the Launcher should work again. Once you're at the Social Club Launcher logged hast you have to activate the second graphics card again.

After your details you mean the Pc version which indeed runs on Steam (whether cd or digital purchase) or? Then, the game let in steam simply want to error check: D

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