Graphics tablet for drawing manga?

Hi ^^ I've heard that you can draw on Grafiktabletts beautiful pictures (may also be wrong xD) and would like to buy myself one. Now the questions: -Can you somehow use the phone (Yes, I do not even know from xD!) -Könntet You give me a good and cheap recommend? -Can You really beautiful pictures sign (I draw Manga and would like to like the people on YouTube draw on PC) -Please enlightens me, if I thought something completely wrong! xD Thanks in advance! LG Mary ~

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Sure, you can, but you have just already have the necessary experience (practice, practice, practice!). I doubt that you can use the phone on. I can recommend you the graphics tablet from Wacom (Bamboo). Have mine bought for 50 euros and I guess for a tablet that's really not expensive: D

graphic tablet I do not recommend, only for advanced draftsman. buy you prefer paper and marker, etc. Traditionally you learn best.

drawing on phone ... well ... but that is nothing.

For the PC, there are good graphics tablets for about 70 euros. Look at

So eigntl are all on Amazon what good: D

But say the size is critical

And the phone is I suppose at times too small

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