Grayish bugs in the apartment

Hi. Does anybody know what kind of a beetle?

Grayish bugs in the apartment

Are somehow harmful? I always wiedermal one of them in the apartment, which ambient prefer this beetle? Are indicative of anything? Maybe I can then make up why rumkrabbeln with me in the hut.

thank you

The best answer

This is a gray garden bug.

The danger is, presumably, she studied nen warm place.

Plan hewing I would let in bugs, except that it has done nothing to you stink bugs some species at risk pathetic. Shove it is with NEM paper in front of the door and well.

It's a Grey Garden Bug (Rhaphigaster nebulosa) or gray box bug

I've forgotten the name of degree but as far as I know they are not dangerous or harmful, depending swat shall do it;)

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