greasy and scaly hide, dog coughs and chokes pants white thin mucus

Hey ♡ I'm really despair ... My dog ​​Susi is now 13 years old and is actually relatively active. Only then came this sickening wheeze and cough and choke with white thin mucus. For some time she had always drawn her tail, hardly eaten and drunk and was only drinne in her basket. Then improved all that well again, only the panting etc remained. Furthermore it has mega scaly and greasy fur, has severe hair loss (well fur loss (-) and stinks I really googled already much, but nothing definite found Then I thought, I put a detailed description is...

She really is my mega heart. Sometimes I feel, even more than my family. I cried very often because of her, because I can not stand that they will soon no longer be there. I think every pet owner is his pet's heart. And if you vllt also have a pet, will you also determined that there is still allowed to experience beautiful moments before ...

I do not really want to go to the vet and my parents do not know that I rumsuche here all the time and here demand. I ask really urgent help> _ <♡

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Why will not you go to the vet - do you have fear of a possible bad diagnosis? Just an old animal should be brought to the doctor regularly for potential diseases can be fought in the early stages - may no longer tolerate their food, old animals have a different need than younger. Please do your dog a favor and go with her to the vet to check whether they it. All the best

Real impossible that you do not want to the vet. Pure selfishness, the poor animal ...

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