Greece and Germany?

Can I ask a summarize what is going on and what is meant by the Yalta Conference and the 2 + 4 Treaty? (Currently)

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The Yalta Conference in February 1945, the US, UK and USSR involved the division Germany in zones of occupation and denazification after the war. Yalta has nothing to do with Greece and was not discussed at this conference.

2-4 contract relates to the reunification of Germany, it is the 2 for the East and West Germany, the 4 for US, UK, USSR and France. This agreement certifies legal Germany the end of WW2

Greece financially pushed to the wall plays from all cards and dug claims for the WW2 and Germany and plans to speak now to rake against the claims of creditors IMF, EU, Germany, etc. eigtl. only a political "jabbing". Haust you give me a right, I hammer commanding a left. But it is now seriously discussed how justified such demands would be.

The BRD since Adenauer Germany has always sent out cheating pay from responsibility for war damage with de Justification Only a unified Germany could cite as the debtor. It was difficult to predict well for Adenuer and his that a united Germany are in the foreseeable future. They probably thought that they transfer the payment to the St.Nimmerleinstag.

Well Yalta un the 2 + 4 Treaty is discussed in this context now because at the Yalta Conference, the German division was decided regulated the conditions of reunification of the Aliirten and the 2 + 4 Treaty. And the Germans have again struck a hook at 2 + 4 Treaty and although Germany is reunited Germany would not get does not look to settle the old debts in the duty that Adenauer had then deported in the future just on the grounds that Germany shared DAS Germany have what could be asked to pay.

Now even if the 2 + 4 Treaty had mitgefeilt as I said neither Grichenland other possibly affected countries speaks of Germany actually of the reparations free and it has still to register a protest unlikely to succeed. But there is still the forced loan, which was hir already named. this would eigtl. untouched by 2 + 4 Treaty.

Very short:

1. Greece calls for reparations due to events during WW2, in part due to a forced loan, which was imposed on Greece to defray the costs of the occupation by the German Reich.

2. Germany has been assumed that such claims can not be made because Greece has this not raised in connection with the entry into force of the 2 + 4 Treaty 1990/1991.

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