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Today I have the shelter again an adult dogs (St. Bernard, female) hit the dog not tolerated. However, he is (Dog Berner Sennen, female) only with a dog with which it was issued and also grew compatible. You would often not even walk the dog without the dog, but with other dogs she encounters she draws very strong and sometimes also begins to bark. My question now is, can you do so a dog in adults older dogs still tolerated? As?

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principle can actually learn to old age still new things and his behavior is usually correctable every dog. Sure there will be exceptions, but in life there is always.

In older and even when emitted dogs behavior Of course corrections are usually more difficult than in young dogs. usually We know little about why they behave the way they behave. Have something only learned wrong, they have not learned much, they were mistreated? Questions that no one can answer.

But unfortunately, such corrections are not as simple as a recipe: take and stir and then comes the or out.

Dog behavior and dog training are extremely complex issues where a lot of different factors are interrelated, interdependent, each must be consistent. So something can not be explained in three sentences, and certainly not if you can not personally experience the dog.

Most dog owners are likely to be overwhelmed by such a behavior correction, because one needs to have the help of a good, experienced dog trainer - and most of the costs a lot of money, because there is not enough with 2 or 3 hours of practice. Can you afford not, then you should leave such a "difficult" dog better experienced hands and itself decide on a dog that has not so obvious problems.

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Why sayest thou simply the Saint Bernard dogs is not compatible ??? Just because the dog pulls on the leash? Have you perhaps even likely, that the Saint Bernard has perhaps not learned to walk on a leash?

You see it yet: with the "usual" Bernese Mountain Dog, he is also compatible ...

So you speak I do now since you're suitable to carry a Saint Bernard and possibly to socialize this dog with other dogs.

That you should be better left to the animal care staff better knowledge than you.

And of course any dog ​​at any age capable of learning - but independently operating dogs, and that includes the St. Bernard, so scrutinize some education experiment ...

In addition one already needs then empathetic and experienced people ...

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