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I have a puppy about a year ago. 2 When we got him, he weighed 2kg and pretty mikrig since he was 9 weeks old. A month later (3 months) we went back down to the vet because he weighed 6.4 kg and had a height at withers of 32 cm, ie it has tripled! Now with about 4 months I measured him, he is now 35 cm high. My question is, he really was 9 weeks old and no younger than we got him? With him all the milk teeth had broken through and close together, now they are at a distance. He is now about 17 weeks old and still not teething. Can you help me maybe? How can you find out how much weeks old is he? We were namely said he would remain small, with a withers 30-35cm!


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the puppies grow rsant is normal ... what you have to for a rassenmix? at half-breeds all is usually possible - just not to assert: the max is 30-35cm tall ...

you have seen the dog mother? the vet can help you better in the age calculation ...

he really was 9 weeks old and no younger than we got him?

no one can say here. The change of teeth should have actually already begun at 17 weeks, but it also happens that it start immediately. Larger dogs / breeds can be sometimes even a little time with it. What is it for a race ??

Breed or mixture of what?

At 9 weeks, the puppy was to be too young to separate from mother and siblings.

We were namely said he would remain small, with a withers 30-35cm!

By whom?

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