growth puppy dominates in the family old dog

Hello everybody,

Have there times a question. Today, we get our 10-week-old mix dog. Our male 2 1/2 years previously always get placed into the basket in the weeks a blanket with smell of you, even so got along. Today then brought and let Meet on neutral ground everything was top. After some time, then purely in the 4 walls. At his drinking they may also from his cup it eats without which he growls. He sniffs permanently but when growls with his head on his turns it also shows slightly teeth. We block it immediately. He was still as always cuddled by us from the beginning, etc. He gets his streicheleinheiten everything. They are also true with 30cm distance from one another and sleep.

What am I supposed to think of his behavior? How do I know he accepts you.

He is neutered and is the dogs smaller than him have always been kind outside opposite.

The best answer

The dog does not dominate the new dog, but he educates!

not dabble him time to craft, he responds perfectly normal.

First: Get your times easy.

Your older dog shows the little rascal its limits. Greif since instead of one.

We have a "real" pack home. There live two puppies of 17 weeks with us, the mom, the dad, the eldest sister and uncle. The small to be educated. At first it was the mom. Now it is the sister and uncle. The small can do a lot with the great, but if it is too bright, the teeth are sometimes shown. Biting Properly do not, it shows. The dogs and the big sister growl away the puppies if they want their wells. The understanding of the small quite well. Or if my Oscar is in his basket and a puppy will go in there, he growls. If this is not understood, is followed by a gasp.

Mn must stop watching good. Our Ben, the father of the puppies loves his ball about everything. He would never leave the ball another dog. The adult dogs know this and take it not even if Ben does not have it. But the baby may take it away. Since he did not growl. Every now and then he goes to them once and passed him without comment again. And also let the babies.

Would they try that at Oskar, they have a bad hand. But they know now at 17 weeks now.

In the puppy group you realize that puppies grow up in a pack and what individual dogs. The individual dogs are annoying, often do not understand the body language of the other.

We have a Labbi which is quite fidgety. My Lilly plays often with him, but if he is too wild, she stands stiffly in front of him and growls. But the Labbi makes a pass. Since it was Lilly to colorful and she snapped at him. Many would now think, oh God, how is the Lilly strikes, de poor Labbi. But it is not, Lilly has forewarned and the other has not accepted it because it was just a step further.

Watch your two dogs well, you'll learn a lot. I really encroaches only if it is for me to bunt. Today, for example Lillyx wanted her constantly Brzde take a rope, as she has managed, was the sour and both locked out. I'm off back and separate the two.

Hello, your older dog needs to show where his limits are and who the pack leader the puppy course. Does your older dog it is the little ones do not (puppy protection) but tell a normal social behavior dog linguistically him what works and what does not. Give the two periods, the fight itself together. It is true that the Small is not only the center but also treated her the Great equivalent / observed. My dog ​​has initially a bit annoyed responding when the puppy bitch has bothered him. However, they have come together quickly and I have learned that it is just beautiful, if a dog has a conspecifics.

I would always keep the two something in mind and especially in resources (ie seizure, sleeps) to be careful that the puppy happily accept the growl of the older dog. Block I would not immediately intervene but only if the puppy does not recedes.

And puppies protection exists only in their own family of puppies.

The puppy with the protection we received was already explained, because our rude was attacked by a sheep dog at that time since he panicked and aggressively large dogs. We hold the two all the time in the eye. Previously he growls only when He comes too close. Otherwise it's quiet, he lies down beside you when she sleeps and wakes. he does not want to loosen up, however. We wait and see. Maybe it will change so soon. It's also completely new to him

But viiiielen thanks for the answers

Mitlerweile everything is super. He plays with her running across the meadow gardening raging in the apartment everything was great. By now noticed that he always tries to tweak in their hind legs? But you do not mind then raging ever is this normal?

That is normal. Let them make. But both observed and intervenes when it is "tough". It is important that the older male number one remains, and also noted. Puppies protection there under strange dogs not, and also within the family only conditionally. Over time, the two used to each other and are inseparable. So it was for. our Zweien.Viel fun with the Fellnasen.

Your althund explains the kleibnen the house rules - jhaltet you out of there. Otherwise it provokes a Eskalastion.

Completely normal behavior of the dog.

Let's make the dog. It shows the puppy only his Gernzen.

This has nothing to do with prevailing position ...

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