GTA V preorder at MMOGA

Dear Community,

ordered as preorder at MMOGA GTA V.

First time of delivery time was yesterday, the 13:04:15. So there is still splashing around in the order.

On the home page of MMOGA the delivery date has now been on the 14:04. set.

My question:

Has anyone made a preorder at MMOGA and has its GTA V Key already or waiting for her too?

Unfortunately, have not a forum, the support team I will not annoy.

Thank you!

The best answer

Hi Guys,

Have on 10/04 preorder me GTA5 at MMOGA and have also still no key. On request to the support came only an email where it said "hi, and the price of the game" which I find not okay if you can notify the paying customers at least there are problems!

Hi, I ordered the game yesterday and wanted it more than preorder version have ... but I am very disappointed with the support. MMOGA is only a platform which offers the sale of other companies quasi. I have ordered for example at MMOGA, but actually I ordered it with unlimited keys. I now wait for 18 hours on the Key and the support does not respond to my e-mails. Personally, I find this very rude. I asked already for a cash return. However, I still have no answer. Then one wishes only that added 10 € more would have invested the stupid and it had purchased directly from steam.


I habs also where pre and still do not get nervous, the support team that is solely an insolence. who say the key one gets to the release and the release is almost 7 hours ago. just I wish I could have just 10 euros more pay and purchased directly from steam

Seats with you in the very same boat. I wait until 12 o'clock, then nothing there - lapse - amazon.

Update on the current situation:

My Key is still not there! There were at MMOGA probably a Bonuskey containing 1 € more expensive (some ingame Which crap about what no one needs). These are still available. Our "normal" Keys probably have delivery problems. Current download rate, according to a statement friend, but is ey only at 70 Kb / s.

So keep hope!


can you please tell me your order .... so I have some idea how long this will go.

thank you


we now have no key, because many customers have imagined the Key. please understand us.

For further inquiries, we are of course available.

Sincerely, Your Support Team "

how outrageous is that, please?

Have him get tonight and have the Load now launched

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