GTAV starts nich

Hello I have recently GTAV downloaded but when I play the Start comes only this error message: GTAV terminated unexpectedly. Please click below "Try again" to the game to start with reduced graphics settings. If further problems running the game exist, contact ...

Does anyone have the same problem or is this normal

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Have the same problem. I7 processor -3740qm, GraKa amd hd7970M.

I came after all, already behind that GTA tries to launch itself through the integrated processor graphics (HD graphics in my case 4000). If you disabled through Device Settings HD graphics, Although open GTA and "running", but in the lowest settings, as it continues to run on the processor and not on the graphics card.

Problem does not seem to fix with other drivers is, one must probably wait until a patch is available.

Hey, I had the same problem ... now I have my Intel graphics card deactivated so that ONLY the AMD is running and now I'm inside ... what next .... they attempt after start activate ... insofar I'm still not. I hope I could help you :) ... achso and all that you do in Device Menager among graphics cards ... so you disable just the driver.
Best wishes !
Jonathan :)

PS: happy thumbs up;)

I have the same problem! Comes directly GTA 5 has unexpectedly quit! Have a very good PC that exceeds the system requirements per se. My GTA folder is 60.4 GB in size!

Can anyone help, I've really enjoyed today loszuzocken right after work! :(

So for all the problem: Grand Theft Auto V has stopped unexpectedly. Please click below to try again "to enter the game again ...

Please Deinstalls simply directx, go to the System32 folder and deletes because all dll starting with d3 and D3.

Then go into the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft and look for the folder "Direct" .Deletes there the folder "DirectX", "DirectDraw" and "DirectShow".

Installs now the latest version of directx, going to the installer of GTA V and let repair GTA V.

Now start the PlayGTAV.exe.

If these show the dll's are missing, then you can simply search them under google and down load.

then Packt this in your System32 folder and starts the PlayGTAV.exe again, it still shows a missing dll, is doing so just before.

Game should then launch without any problems.

Hey, I have the same problem but if I disable the Intel graphics card is always the fault (direct x9 file kan be initialized nich) D; ...

Please also help

Many thanks in advance

I have the same problem, someone knows as a solution? I finally paid a lot of money and would like to play !! : D

Can it be that the game is not installed correctly? Because it went quickly ausergewöhnlich

Are you a bad graphics card or has too little Ram

Look how big the folder, and lead times repair by

Here is a picture with my folder

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