Gtx 770, dead heat!

When I ask the here by reading I mercke the most say that Nvidia hardly "warm" is contrary to AMD, and it is rare to garnicht happens that they are the heat geweit. Despite my 770 is broken despite Hybrid coolers to recite for heat, has confirm the Fachman! He said that not even get out Benchmark's so not obliging under load! My Current is 290x with the same requirements "little" warm as opposed to the 770 even though I have a "normal" cool hab from ASUS.

What could be wrong? Ps. The Fachman said nothing on the card (770) is defective or was abnormally.

The best answer

What came for a GTX 770 / Come now used?

Modified cards often come with own cooling solutions. Mir is however not known card operating under normal factory settings, without overclocking, overheated in the benchmark or even the spoon.

How did the temperatures like?

For the assessment of your "expert": As I said, I think overheating at a fully operational card almost impossible.

For the thing with Nvidia vs. AMD in terms of heat.

For example, the GTX 970 consumes about 125W power (under load). However, these must also be cooled accordingly. When R9 290X this TDP (power loss) is 250W and thus twice as high.

Accordingly, not only the power consumption, but also the heat development and the required cooling capacity for AMD is higher.


The graphics card used was an Inno3D iChil Gtx 770 Black 4096MB. And the temperatures were about 70 ° - 90 ° been there, been there. Hate the Temp's actually in sight until I hate a blue screen at once. My AMD lie currently under load 60 - 70 degrees.

When a hybrid cooler was mounted, so it sounds a lot like "homemade" in the sense of technical modification to the original cooling solution. Here you can also make mistakes in the assembly and / or selection / application of the correct thermal grease. May also store and / or the converter phases not (sufficiently) were cooled. But concrete can be assumed from a distance in such a vague description of the fault anything.

How many volts you have to up carved there, mostly so ists the thermal compound thus saving'd ^^ high temperatures on vram and spannungswandlern-> death

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